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  Eddie Cantor in Ali baba Goes
                                      to Town

     Orphaned as a very early age. Eddie Cantor was able to escape a life of poverty and mediocrity by working as an entertainer. This was not an uncommon story, for many (though they didn't always make it big like Eddie), were still able to keep from living on the street by working in entertainment and doing what they loved. My, how times have changed.

     Not everyone knows this, but Eddie Cantor gave us the March of Dimes.  He believed that getting many people to donate small amounts is much easier than trying to get people to give large amounts.  While we do need large amounts of money (very), we also stress the importance of the small donation.  After all, if a million people give one dollar to Dreamsville, how much would we have?  It would certainly give us a healthy boost.  So click the button below and remember that there are countless others out there who would love to have the kind of opportunity that Eddie Cantor had as a youth.  Then tell your friends to do the same.

     At present (late summer, 2015), there are still a fair number of people living whose work and/or connections in entertainment go back to the early days of television, radio, and talking pictures. One gentleman in our acquaintance worked in silent films, and there are likely to be others. Not only are these people still lucid, but some are still working (and many have never put their knowledge into a book). We at Dreamsville wish to introduce these wonderful show business veterans to our youth in order to greatly enhance there learning experience, and to preserve the untold stories for future generations. But these veterans won't live forever, and time is quickly running out. We need your support now.

     Please give to this worthy endeavor. Even the smallest amount helps. You can donate to us through Paypal. Sponsorships are also available for those who wish to advertise with us.

We give you our heartfelt thanks for your support.

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