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American Entertainment: The Joy and the


     The entertainers whose faces appear on this site are still finding new fans every day, and have had a faithful following long after their passing. But where are the Judy Garlands, Charlie Chaplins, Irving Berlins, Bill Robinsons, and George Gershwins of today? Why don't we see the same wonderful, highly skilled, warm hearted, and inspirational display of talent in the 21st century? Did they have something that we don't? The answer is yes.

     Then, just as now, talent was not enough. It required opportunity and the right atmosphere for talent to blossom and be refined to a level of excellence. The industry of American show business from the late 1800's up to the early 1950's produced some of the best entertainment the world has ever seen, and this era provided the foundation for what was yet to come. This is why Dreamsville is turning back the clock to rebuild the foundation of American entertainment.


Charlie Chaplin


Bill 'Bojangles' Robinson

     Some of the displays of early entertainment have never been equaled, and there are distinct reasons why. American Vaudeville, Tin Pan Alley, radio, and the early film industry with its studio system, provided invaluable (and abundant) opportunity, not only to display talent, but to acquire and hone the necessary skills to please an audience time and time again. This field of opportunity often lifted the impoverished and obscure to levels of wealth and notoriety simply by allowing the individual to learn as they worked, and by keeping certain standards for what was presented to the public. The same is needed now.

     Yes, opportunity plus lots of mentors and helping hands. What if Fred Karnow had not brought Stan Laurel and Charlie Chaplin to America? That would have been a tragedy. What many don't realize is that this tragedy has been happening a million times over for the past 40, 50, and 60 years, for the simple reason that vaudeville and other important parts of the entertainment industry are no longer there to provide the opportunity that the artist needs.

     But what can be done? Can we restore the foundation of great entertainment? Of course we can, but not without your help. With your contributions, large and small, you will help to fulfill the dreams of countless young people, mature ones, and those that are in between, and all the while, you will help fulfill the heart's desire of those whose faces you see here, for they could only watch that which gave them greatness fade away and die, and there was nothing they could do to stop it. It's time to bring it back again.

Sharon Evans
President and Founder
of Dreamsville, Inc.
George Burns &

                                                Gracie Allen
George Burns & Gracie Allen
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